Saturday, March 14, 2009

Well, I finally figured out what was wrong with the link that I sent out. A stupid typo on my part. Oh well, I got it figured out, with the help of some awesome people.
Last night I worked more on the graduation gift but am torn now because I went to the school website and found that the color blue I chose for the majority of the project is the wrong shade of blue. I have so much of the project done that I think I will just keep going. After all, I didn't have to use the exact color, right? I am still very torn. I just have so much done that I would have to ditch everything and start over.
I am anxious to start another project so I guess I will turn off the computer and move to my work space. Have a great weekend!!!


  1. Welcome to blogging. Looking forward to seeing some of your stitching photos here.

  2. Hey, yesterday was Friday 13th. Typo is forgiven and welcome to world of blogging.

  3. Welcome to the world of Blogging!!!