Tuesday, March 17, 2009

trouble with the Snad Castle

After getting off to a great start with the Snad Castle (there was a typo on the freebie pattern and I decided to run with it) I ran into a snag last night. I knew when I started working on it yesterday that I was slightly off in my concentration and should have put it away and start on something else but I really wanted to work on it so I kept going. Last night after supper and a trip to the ice cream shop I went back to it. After having to rip out one area because of one mistake I was trying to tie the next area of the chart to the one I had done. It just wouldn't line up. I was getting so frustrated so I went back over what I had done, low and behold, I was off by one row. One row too many. I immediately put it down and walked away. I was so frustrated and didn't want to deal with it. I waited about an hour then went back and picked it up. I did find the mistake and have since discovered that the mistake isn't too bad and I can work around it. (The mistake is in the center tower above anything that would have to be attached to it.) I will pick it up again in a while and see what I can do today. I feel a little more focused today.

Tonight my daughter and I are going out without Gabbie for the first time since New Years Eve. We are going to play cards with a friend. I am looking forward to it sooooo much.

So I hope everyone has a great St. Patrick's Day and remember that even if you aren't Irish you should still get a kiss.

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  1. Don't you hate it when you make mistakes like that! I am glad that you were able to work around it. Have a nice night out.