Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One very large frog attacked last night

As I told everyone yesterday, I have put the Snad Castle away for a while and started the Ink Circles. I am loving it but after last night I am very upset. I had set a goal for my self to get the border done for the #1 square so I could work on it today. Well, I got everything to line up and was really excited until I started really counting everything. I counted, recounted and recounted and no matter how many times I counted I still kept coming up 2 stitches short. 2 stitches short!!!!! So I had to rip out over 150 stitches that were already in place. I had worked for well over 3 hours and had to rip-it ALL out. I wanted to scream. I tore all the stitches out and have learned a very important lesson for this project. Count, count, count, count and then recount. I am very excited to actually start my first square. Perhaps tonight.

Have a great Wednesday.


  1. I'm so sorry that the frogs visited you. :(

  2. Sorry to hear about the frog, but I guess since he was so busy he will be too tired to come back for a while. Cant' wait to see pictures.

  3. Bummer about the frogs. Hopefully it will go better tonight!

  4. I would have thrown is across the floor and picked it up again later lol.
    Kelly ILCS

  5. Awh... damn frogs. They suck.
    Maybe it means they will leave you alone for awhile.

  6. How terrible about the frogs.
    You have to lovely projets going on.
    Good luck and here's to hoping the frogs never attack you again.