Thursday, March 19, 2009

busy two days

My last two days have been very busy and I haven't had any time to stitch. Tuesday I took my daughter to work to keep the car to gets some errands done but on the way to work my daughter got sick and had to bring her home. She ended staying home all day. She spent the majority of the morning in the bathroom but about 1:30 pm she was finally better. She slept for about 3 hours then got up and ate supper. I was so glad she was better as Tuesday night was supposed to be our night out. We did get to go as she was much better by 6:30pm. We went to a friends house and learned how to play Bunco. We had a GREAT time. We are now a permanent part of the group and will be meeting once a month to play. What a great time. I now know that at least once a month I will get to spend at least a few hours with other adults. I am soooooo excited.

Last night was game night for me and my kids. Once a week we get together and play whatever we decide to play. It gives me time with my adult kids every week and gives my son time to do his laundry. Yes, he and his girlfriend bring their laundry to my house to wash . We had a good time but it was late and again I didn't get to stitch at all.

Later this afternoon I will get back to my Snad Castle and work on it awhile. I am really liking the pattern. I will post my progress in a few days.

So, I wish everyone a great Thursday.

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  1. Great you found you way into world of Blogging!!
    Your blog is very nice!!
    Love your sand castle!! Show all your pictures!!
    Love and Hugs,