Monday, July 20, 2009

several finishes

I have finally finished one larger project. My Snad Castle is now finished!! I am so happy to finish a project as big as that. I know it doesn't seem too big but for me it was.

I also finished a few small finishes. My second no-sew cube for the baby boy shower on Saturday and the baby girl pillow also for the shower on Saturday.

Here is a picture of the graduation picture I did for my great niece. She loved it when I gave it to her on Sunday.

I have had a very busy week and weekend. My DD and I worked very hard getting read for the double baby shower and our annual family picnic. We compiled a family cookbook of all the favorite family recipes from all the family members, typed them up and created a beautiful cookbook that the family really enjoyed. We also came up with a few games for the 8 kids. We put together a scavenger hunt at the park where the picnic was. What fun that was. We gave the teams 10 minutes to get 15 things. The winning team took 6 minutes and 14 seconds to get all 15 items. The other teams all came in at about 8 minutes each. We had enough "prizes" for everyone to get something but the winning team got to pick first. Gabbie was helped by the graduation girl and her boyfriend so they did win but everyone had a great time and nobody was complaining about who won. It was really interesting to see what the teams came up with for some of the items needed. And then we got the pinata out. We were having a great time then the end of the whacking stick came off and the stick hit one of the watchers. She was able to walk but the wound bled for a while and her cousins had to gather her share of the goodies inside. She recovered quickly and continued with the fun.
After everything was done we had all had a great time, ate some great food and had alot of fun catcing up with each other. My niece did take some pictures that I will share when I get them. (I forgot my camera at home, too much other stuff to remember.) So we came home and I sat in my chair with my feet up and watched a movie. I didn't stitch a single stitch all weekend. I hope I will find some time today to put a few stitches in my Boink project.
So, off I go to clean up the kitchen and then to my stitching corner. Have a Happy Stitching Week!

Friday, July 3, 2009

My no sew cube

So here is my first no sew cube. I will definitely be making more. It was alot of fun. I even put large beads on for "feet". I think it made the perfect finishing touch.
Happy 4th of July to my U.S. friends and Happy Weekend to everyone else.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I finally have some pictures

to share with everyone. I thought I would share pictures of the bookmarks I sent to Regina. I guess things got ahead of her as I did not receive one from her. I am disappointed but will continue in the exchanges as I enjoy stitching so much I want to share with others.

The dyed material was my first attempt at dying my own and I wanted something very bright as Regina said she really liked bright colors. The bear was an original that I came up with when she said that she liked bears. I will adapt the bear to a dragon for another bookmark for Christmas. I really enjoyed making these.

Here is a picture of the components for my very first no sew cube. I will be completing it this afternoon and will take apicture of it. The blue is for the no sew for another baby shower.

Here is a project I am making for a friend that graduated this year. Her party is July 11 and I am find that i have to frog alot of the project because I don't like the spacing. I was so close to being done but I just wasn't happy. I know she would have loved it but because I wasn't happy with it, I rip it, rip it, rip it!
What does everyone think. You can see where I frogged "School and Class of 2009" I am going to move that all up about 6 rows. I am also going to frog "don't tell me" and move it over about an inch and up about an inch. I hope that will make it look better. Opinions?????

Here is my progress on Snad Castles. I am about 85% done. Just a little filling in (now that I have more of the color I needed), and the water on the right side. I think I will definitely have this done for Christmas.

And here is the progress on my Ink Circles. I did do alittle change up so the tile with the 2009 appears in the tile where the needle is. I am really liking this project but i think I will go back to the smaller projects when I am finished. Although I would love to do this one again in pastel colors. I think it would be beautiful. Well, maybe one day.
Now, I have to thank everyone that sent me ideas for getting rid of the ants that were driving me to distractions. I got some Grant Ant Traps and put them all over (of course nowhere the cats can get into them and I had a very long talk with Gabbie about staying away from them). With in 24 hours the ants are gone. I can again go into my kitchen with out fear. I don't have to clean up ant carcasses any more. WOO HOO!!!!
So today, Thursday, I will spend my afternoon frogging the graduation project and working on it again. I intend to relax and stitch as much as possible and of course making the no sew cube.
Happy stitching!!!