Monday, May 4, 2009

My early Mother's Day gift

Sawyer Paul Brinkman
Born December 22, 2008
At 4 months I finally got to meet my newest grandchild. He and his parents surprised me this weekend with a visit from IA. I got to spend the whole weekend with them. We went to a water park and he loved the feel of the water on his toes. My daughter Amber and granddaughter Gabbie and I got to babysit him while his parents went out for their 1st wedding anniversary. He was a little fussing but he just missed his parents. He really is a good baby. They left on Sunday morning after many tears and promises to come back in September. I am already looking forward to that visit.
Gabbie had a bit of a problem with all the attention Sawyer was getting but after alittle explaining she understood. Gabbie loved having a little "cousin" to play with even though he didn't do alot of playing she still had fun with him.
So after a very busy but rewarding weekend things are back to normal and I can now get back to my stitching. Of course I will now have to put something into my WIP basket for Sawyer.


  1. You had a perfect Mothers' Day early!

  2. So wonderful! And such a cute baby!