Thursday, May 28, 2009

My thrift store discovery

On Wednesday my DD and DGD went to a local thrift store that has only been open for about 2 months. The first time we stopped there the store had just opened and they really didn't have many things there. When we stopped again I was over whelmed. There were so many things in there that I had to stop and make a plan to make sure that I saw everything. I had to take each area at a time and not look around the store too much. I was having a ball then I went to the back aisle of the store and HIT THE JACKPOT!!!! There was a whole lot of craft stuff back there and on the bottom shelf was a whole plastic bin of linen and evenweave scraps in every color imaginable. (I have never tried using linen or evenweave and was affraid to purchase a large piece only to find I didn't like it so this was great.) I think I spent 45 minutes digging through the bin. I could have bought alot more but I chose 5 pieces. One piece is mauve in color and is only 7"x16", another is a small 9"x8" of white, a 13"x8" of hand dyed blue, a 18"x6" baby pink and a 24"x 10" piece of lt sage green. These are all in 32 ct and I got all five pieces for $1.00. I am so excited to try a piece but have to finish at least one of the 6 projects I am working on. I will make sure to take pictures of whatever I decide to do with my find.

Here in WI we are experiencing the late spring rains and it has been cloudy and drizzly for about 3 days. I an hoping today the weather will improve as I have some painting to do outside and really want to get to it. I hate to take away from the stitching but I have to take advantage of any nice weather I might get.

So, happy stitching to everyone and have a great weekend.


  1. That's the best kind of find. Have fun with the new material.