Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thrift store find and update

Yesterday my DD and DGD went to the local thrift store and hit the jackpot. We would have walked out with alot more if our finances had been better. But we had so much fun and found so many neat things. I did find a few items to add to my stash, a asian style kit that I will make for my mom and a piece of 18 ct Aida in white. I have never worked with 18 ct so I was thrilled when I found it. We also found some baby items for the multiple babies coming our way this year. I found a Boyds graduation bear that will go to my niece with her graduation picture I am making. We also found things for ourselves. I am hoping my little green froggy friend will keep the other frogs away by showing them what happens to frogs that stay too long at my house. He is on spring that allows him to bounce up and down but not go anywhere. The green notebook was perfect for my DD. The front says: Some people work to live, others live to work. I work to expand my shoe collection and eatout. My DD has an extensive shoe collection (the ones you can wear). We trully had a great time.
Now for the update: I have been working on my ink circles lately. I put the Snad Castle away for awhile so I can do something with more color. The circles are coming along good. I am spending alot of time counting, then recounting, and recounting especially the border. I also have the graduation picture to finish and another to design and make. My DS GF asked if I would design and make a baby girl announcement for her sister. I am working on that too. Just not enough hours in the day, or evening. I have even started taking my cross stitch basket to bed with me to get a few extra hours. I put my music on and spend a few hours alone with my stitching. That is the time of day I cherish most.
I hope everyone has a great weekend and happy stitching.


  1. Such cute stuff you found! :)

  2. You have some nice finds, I really like the stuffed animals. They are all very cute.

  3. Great findings. Lovely little kit.