Saturday, October 10, 2009

I have been going through my stitchy stuff and decided it was time to make room for other stitchy stuff so I have decided to do a "give away". These to projects are up for grabs this month. They are completely stitched but not "finished" in any way. Leave me a comment or send me a post if you are interested and I will have Gabbie pick a name on the October 20th. I hope to list at least 2 projects in November and at least 2 in December.
Have fun and good luck.


  1. Cute projects but since I have no little ones that would appreciate them they should go to someone who could use them.

  2. would love to win these - very nice job.
    Cindy NY

  3. You should donate the Love one to one of the groups that stitches quilts for babies. Angel Quilts or Love Quilts. They would be very appreciative.